Captain Dance is a character on Jekyll and Hyde played by Enzo Cilenti. He is the antagonist of the series, and the rival of Roger Bulstrode and Military Intelligence Other, the "Invisible Men". He is a senior officer for an organisation of monsters known as Tenebrae.

He is one of the living dead, capable of regenerating after being killed using Moroii. Dance is also capable of reviving corpses, turning them into zombie-like beings known as the Vetala.


After Robert Jekyll left Ceylon, Captain Dance and his Vetala arrived at Robert's foster parents' home. He queried about Robert's location after shooting Vishal Najaran. When his Vetala retrieved post cards Robert sent, he learned Robert is in London. He then left Robert's foster parents to burn in their house. He travelled to London with Fedora, and set up his base of operations in an abandoned workshed near Max Utterson's lawyers agency. He captured Max and Robert, transforming the latter into Hyde, and trying to convince him to open The Calyx, containing the heart of Lord Trash. Hyde escaped his chains, and was going to be shot by Fedora, until MIO intervened, with Sackler shooting Dance twice,  killing him. Later in the series, Fedora, Silas and Protheroe hid Dance in the Daily Truth building, using the Reaper Bug's harvest to restore dance. After Robert killed the Reaper, Fedora started using the leech-like Moroii to get the parts the needed. After Tenebrae acquired the Incubus, Fedora channelled its power into Dance, and allowing him to open the Calyx himself. It is known that Olalla Jekyll , a Tenebrae runaway, harboured feelings for Dance after the Incubus transformed into him, and attempted to feed upon her. 


Season 1Edit

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "You've shown disloyalty to your boss, and we can't have disloyalty."
  • "Sometimes a senseless act of violence sends out the right sort off message."
  • "We want you, Robert. You are one of us. You are a Hyde."
  • "You are not like me. I cannot expect you to understand."


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