This article is about the monster. For the episode, see The Incubus.
JekyllandHyde The Incubus Screenshot 006
The Incubus is a type of monster in Jekyll and Hyde.


Incubi are demons who take on the form of the person its victim loves most in the world in order to feed on their life force and devour their soul.

In series 1, both Gideon Jezequiel's corpse, and later Margaret Hope were inhabited by an incubus which had escaped from Lord Trash's realm through a crack in the gateway guarded by Renata Jezequiel.

Powers and abilities:

Over the course of its appearance, the Incubus displayed a myriad of supernatural powers:

  • Illusions: It could take the form of the person its target loved most to let their guard down and kill them more easily.
  • Life force absorption: the Incubus' main method of killing a person was by draining their life force through a kiss. The victim would begin to age rapidly until they died of old age in a matter of seconds.
  • Possession: it could inhabit either a corpse or a living body. If it possessed a living host, it had full control over the person's speech and actions.
  • Mirror inhabiting: even after Jekyll and his allies supposedly defeated it, the Incubus hid itself inside a piece of mirror until it could possess a new host.
  • Barrier creation: while they were driving back to London, the Incubus erected a blue impenetrable force field around the car to buy Fedora enough time to come and retrieve it.
  • Storm inducement: After the Incubus' power was transferred into Captain Dance, it cause a massive lightning storm to appear in the sky above them.