Olalla Jekyll is a character on Jekyll and Hyde played by Wallis Day.


Olalla is Robert Jekyll's twin sister. Like her brother, Olalla is also a Hyde. She is a Tenebrae runaway, where they were giving her a mixture of human blood and monocane to keep her as Hyde. She escaped Tenebrae and hid in London, feeding off young men with her 'blood spike.' MIO believed her to be a vampire, and sent Robert after her, where they fought, and she revealed herself to be her sister. During her time in Tenebrae, she fell in love with a young soldier, Santiago, but was forced to kill him to prove her loyalty to Captain Dance. She was captured by Dance and his vetala in the Carpathian Mountains, along with her brother Robert, but he was rescued by their father, Louis Hyde. As opposed to her brother, Olalla prefers to live as Hyde.

Olalla was the name of a girl in a gothic short story by Robert Louis Stevenson.


Season 1Edit

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "You've never had something so worth waiting for."
  • "As long as I was Hyde, I would go along with anything."
  • "Why do you think they are so afraid of you? You are the only one who can destroy them."


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