Ravi Najaran is a character on Jekyll and Hyde played by Michael Karim. He is Robert Jekyll's younger adoptive brother.


Ravi is a very intelligent boy, who manages to escape a fire in his home set by Captain Dance that kills his parents and imprisonment in Ceylon to come to London and help his big brother. Upon arriving, he was captured by MIO and kept hostage until Jekyll rescued him, He was briefly possessed by a Reaper until Jekyll/Hyde destroyed it.

Ravi appears to posses some level of extra sensory perception, as well as a kind of supernatural/astral farsight - the ability to tap into the minds of others at a distance and see through their eyes.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"I read about you in Father's file. I thought that when you changed you would have claws and devil horns. But no matter what happens, you are still my brother."

"I told you, I am cleverer then Bulstrode."

"We are watching you, Jekyll. We have thousand eyes, you can't escape!" (as the Reaper)


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