The first series of Jekyll and Hyde is set to premier on 25 October 2015. The season will consist of 10 episodes.


# Episode Name Directed By Written By Original Airdate
1 "The Harbinger" Colin Teague Charlie Higson 25 October 2015

It's 1885 and Edward Hyde gets into an altercation in the street with his patron, Sir Danvers Carew – and murders him. Fast forward to 1935, in Ceylon, where Hyde's grandson, the orphaned Robert Jekyll, is a young doctor and completely unaware of his ancestry. Here Robert saves a young girl with a superhuman show of strength. This strength is a side effect of his mysterious "condition", for which he has always taken pills. But this time the incident gets into the newspapers. The report reveals his whereabouts to a lawyer, one Max Utterson in London. So, Utterson summons Jekyll to England and Robert learns he is the sole heir to a large estate. There's only one snag, Robert wants nothing to do with the dark story.

However, Robert has also been spotted on the radar by two other organisations. The first is MIO, a government department headed up by Mr. Bulstrode. MIO's mission is to combat monsters. For them Robert's appearance is a harbinger of increasing enemy action. Tenebrae are the enemy: an ancient and sinister organizaion with a keen interest in recruiting shape-shifters like Robert. Sure enough Tenebrae and their top agent, Captain Dance, arrive in Ceylon and descends upon Robert's family.

Now Robert is adrift in London, with only Utterson and a new friend, Lily, to guide him. At which point news of event's with his foster family reaches him. Right now, right when he needs them most, Robert discovers his pills are missing and he suffers his first full blown transformation into another personality -­ Hyde. In contrast to the sensitive, considerate Robert Jekyll, Hyde is a selfish, uninhibited, muscle-­bound brute. He goes out on the town looking for trouble, and finds it. At "The Empire" bar, an old watering hole of Edward Hyde's, Robert's drunken antics start a fight and he gets injured. An old man called Garson and the lovely bar owner, Bella, save his life.

2 "Mr Hyde" Colin Teague Charlie Higson 1 November 2015

Flashback to Ceylon: Captain Dance interrogates Robert's foster parents, demanding to know where Robert is? When Dance has his answer, he kills them both. In the chaos Ravi, Robert's younger brother, escapes into the night and straight into the arms of the Police – who arrest him.

Robert wakes up in Bella's room in The Empire, not as Hyde, but as Jekyll. His wound has miraculously healed. Not knowing where to turn to he visits Lily. She persuades him that the answers to his personal mystery may lie with his inheritance. So they explore the old Jekyll house with Max Utterson.

In Ceylon Ravi trusts no one and refuses to cooperate with the Police. Now his one purpose is to get to England and fulfill his father's promise to give Robert his true family history. So when a fellow prisoner escapes – naturally enough Ravi escapes too. Meanwhile, Bulstrode and MIO have news of Dance's outrage in Ceylon. They know the Captain is en route for London and hatch a plan to use Robert as bait in a Tenebrae trap. Dance, for his part, has his focus firmly on Jekyll and is determined to kill anyone who might help the confused young hero.

When Robert shares his tales of the previous night, Max is determined to go and play detective. He escorts Robert to "The Empire" and uncovers the fact that "Garson" was lab assistant to Robert's grandfather. Garson refuses to crack under questioning, but when he heads home aoer work he's cornered by Dance's hired assassins. Hyde swoops in to save the old man, but not out of charity: Hyde wants answers. He drags Garson back to the old Jekyll house and the old man reveals the secret of Jekyll senior's experiments – and the basement laboratory he conducted them in.

3 "The Cutter" Colin Teague Charlie Higson 8 November 2015
4 "The Calyx" Joss Agnew Charlie Higson 22 November 2015
5 "Black Dog" Robert Quinn Gay Burt 29 November 2015
6 "Spring-Heeled Jack" Stewart Svaasand Jason Sutton 6 December 2015
7 "The Reaper" Stewart Svaasand Simon J. Ashford 13 December 2015
8 "Moroii" Robert Quinn Sophie Petzal 23 December 2015
9 "The Incubus" Joss Agnew Gareth Roberts 27 December 2015
10 "The Heart of Lord Trash" Stewart Svaasand Charlie Higson 27 December 2015