This article is about the episode. For the monster, see Incubus.

The Incubus is the ninth episode of the first series of Jekyll and Hyde.


Hiding out in the country, Robert and his family face an unanticipated new threat in the form of an incubus.


Robert, Ravi and Olalla take Maggie to the assumed safety of the Jezequiel Compound. Unfortunately, the corpse of Renata's dead husband Gideon has been inhabited by an incubus which had escaped Lord Trash's realm. Renata and Robert are both nearly killed by the demon before she explains that the compound is a portal to a demonic realm ruled by Lord Trash, and that the incubus escaped from it through the crack caused by Hyde's battle with Brant. Robert fights the monster as Hyde, seemingly destroying it, and Renata informs him of the calyx, the stone jar which houses the heart of Lord Trash. Robert departs for London with Ravi and Maggie, but Olalla has disappeared and does not return with them. Before they leave, Maggie sees the incubus in the form of Edward Hyde, and is unknowingly possessed by the demon which was thought to have been vanquished.


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